NEWS:Andy mineo is set to make a movie off an ex hustler

 Andy Mineo’s bucket list includes filming a flick about an ex-hustler, Raymond Rivera, founder of Grateful Apparel.

“This guy has so many stories that we need to make a movie about this guy’s life,” Mineo told Rapzilla. “That’s one of the things I want to see done before I’m done.”

Rivera, who met Mineo in 2009, once suffered from cocaine addiction and alcoholism.

Today, Rivera owns transitional homes called 3Sixty Houses that help addicts recover.

“His story is so motivational to me,” Mineo said. “To see the Lord transform that dude’s life, and for him to use the gifts that God’s given him to now do something beneficial is crazy. The same people he might have been dealing drugs to, now he’s opening up these 3Sixty Houses for them to come and be recovered.”

Rivera couldn’t remember any clients who recovered in his 3Sixty Houses, but Mineo was onto something.

Rivera once forgot cocaine in the bathroom of a motel when a younger neighbor of his, Ricky Santana, came to pick him up. Santana found the cocaine, and, curious, used for the first time. He eventually became addicted.

Santana said he and Rivera had gotten into a fight over a girl and stopped talking. By the time they reconciled a decade later, Rivera had changed.

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