Trip Lee: Why Christians need to join a local assembly | @TripLee

Desiring God released another teaching video on Wednesday featuring Reach Records rapper Trip Lee, who is a pastor in Atlanta and explained the importance of church membership.

"There is no good, healthy, regular pattern of the Christian life if you are not joined with a local church — if you are not in covenant with other Christians," Trip Lee said. "It’s not okay just having some Christian friends who you talk to sometimes.

"I am talking about the way that God set it out that there are leaders that you submit to. There are other Christians you covenant to, to pray for, and care for. There is actually something that other Christians can do to help you if you fall into unrepentant sin — all the beautiful mercies that God has given us to gather together, to sing together, to sit under preaching together. That is huge in the life of a Christian."

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