Ali Baba Laments over Nigerian Media Setbacks

I have in my viewing times recently, whether in Nigeria or outside our shores, wondered why we missed the memo.
How did we get to a point where we failed completely, no, let me rephrase, how did we get to the point where we refused to understand the dynamics of television viewership or even radio listener-ship?
How did we, a country that started television and radio broadcasting, before many in these climes, fall behind in technology, number, quality, talent, creativity and content? How did we get here? How did that happen, with our rich and original fountain of tradition, humour, culture, history, creativity and artistic versatility?

That a manager or director programmes of a media house, heading the power house of such platform, can’t create programmes that respond to the times and fail to realise he is the engine room of the station.
The marketing department is supposed to take what the programme department come up with and go find funds to drive it. And it’s based on the quality of the content for sale, that potential sponsors can be won over. In these days of digital broadcasting, content is core and a significant factor in whether your station is watched or not.
Creating programmes that are informed by the statistics of viewers, levels of education, age and demography, economic status, assorted aspirations, religious, social and political affiliations, etc…
In nearly 15 years, working as an ideas generator, I created over 15 television and exactly 20 radio shows. Most of all these shows have taken on a life of their own. I sit with content buyers now and then, and it amazes me that they do not know anything or little about VIEWER DYNAMICS.
Over 2000 must-watch programmes are begging to be created for sectors that have not been catered for. It’s a virgin land out there, from Fashion to insurance to FMCGs to politics to history to relationships to sports to investment to food to drinks to real estate to entertainment to parenting to… its a whole goldmine.
I have hosted media moguls and when I roll out shows they can start on their channel, they are surprised they never thought of them. In the end I blame media owners! They all need to wake up. And Very fast !

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