Video: Yung L – Cheers || @YungLMrmarley

 If you are a good listener and addict of good music just like me, you'll be asking same question that's in my mind just after listening to Yung L's cheers "Is Yung L the replacement for Ice Prince"
The first time i heard 'L' all  i could just do was whisper "Ice's finally shown the way out"
 Any way you wanna see it the fact remains ice remains ice and L's forever gonna be Yung just like jay z will say.

So Cheers is a song built on a light hearted and simple Caribbean inspired groove which is built upon with simple horns and intermittent kicks. It is laid back and easy going – the way a fun weekend should be.
The catchy, mid tempo feel good track is all about celebrating the weekend and having a good time celebrating life with friends and goons.



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